Creative Happens

The one day is here!!!

This is my second official video.. my craft room tour!

I thought I post up some pictures of my craft space.  It’s not a lot of space but I am happy with it.  I currently share this desk with my roommate so half of it is mine.  Except I keep inching my way to her side. Opps. I am wanting to put up a youtube video showing everything.  One day.


This is it. Papers, stamps, inks, toos, sewing machine, and ect…


This is where I put my stamps, scraps, dies, computer, washi tape, and embossing heat tool. I pull out the left bin all the way out to turn on my computer. That way I can multitask!


The space does its job. It does get crazy if you don’t clean as you go.


I keep four bins by the window. Also my dogs sleeping area. Hi Teddy. I keep 12×12 papers, extra tools, glitters, glue and ect


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